York University Visit

March 15, 2019

Venturing to the suburbs of Toronto, where one of Canada’s most diverse campus is located, York University welcomed Wayne State University with open arms. Upon arrival we noticed distinct differences compared to our university. First, its size, the campus had multiple student centers, food courts, and many amenities for their students. Second, the demographics of their students; they have a larger population of students of Asian descent than any other ethnicity or race on their campus. Similarly, student centers and study spaces were busseling with students from all walks of life contributing to the rich atmosphere for diversity.

Following our brief tour of the campus, Dr. Vidya Shah gave a captivating lecture on inclusion in classroom among various types of learners. She displayed an image that represented equality, equity, reality, and liberation for discussion. From this image we were able to have eye-opening conversations with York University students, ultimately concluding that we need to center our attention on the actual problem not the people facing the problem. Dr. Shah also had us do an activity on power and privilege that served as an opportunity to humble ourselves but also appreciate others’ experiences.

After the lecture and fruitful conversation with York students we attended the Escola de Samba music festival. This show was put on by students of York University to show appreciation of Brazilian culture.

Overall, our visit to York University was enlightening. Moving forward we have been given new consciousness when it comes to diversity and inclusion with college, whether it be in Toronto or Detroit.

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