Toronto’s History-Immigration

March 13, 2019

During our enlightening tour of downtown Toronto, visiting St.Lawrence Market and St. Lawrence Hall, our tour guide informed us of Toronto’s history of immigration that made this great city the embodiment of diversity worldwide. In discussing the political climate of Toronto, we noticed their openness to new cultures and people. Contrastly, given the United States past, where differences lead to violence and harsh treatment of its people, Toronto learned from our mistakes and became a model to treatment of humans. Similarly to the United States, Toronto had in influx of immigrants through their history. In discussing what it meant to be an immigrant one of our scholars described it as, “Someone who moves to a different place in search of a better home away from their home.” A large population of blacks in Canada, specifically Toronto, were runaway and escaped slaves. Their perception of them differs from the US, they saw them as people escaping bondage not runaway slaves, therefore treating them like people. In addition, they had an intake recess that helped them establish housing and jobs.

Given Canada’s inviting past they continued their hospitality they have opened their borders to Syrian refugees. Astonishingly, they continue to welcome different cultures and people into their country forming a rich educational environment.

Among our group, scholars explored libraries, saw artists creating art, participated in a meditation experience, and traveled with different means of transportation.

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