Study Abroad Toronto: Culture and Sustainability Experience -Warrior VIP 2019

March 10, 2019

Through public transportation, exploration, and cultural differences we were able to connect with the city of Toronto. Reflecting on some of our adventures like visiting Casa Loma, the only castle in North America, we peeked into history. Standing in rooms where kings and queens prepared for battle, envisioned the city, and lived in luxury gave us insight of Canada’s royalty.

Unlike our home city of Detroit, Toronto has developed an efficient transit system consisting of subways, trolleys and buses. We saw many ethnicities, heard many languages, and felt Toronto’s young energy! One of our scholars describes Toronto’s transportation system as a great way to commute as a community. Further comparing transportation in the D to transportation in Toronto, it mobilizes the city in a way that does not exist at home. With this new experience Toronto’s transit system has prompted curiousity of their food, interacting with its people and the city itself.

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